Advice, practice tips, and hundreds of stylized guitar lessons. 

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Dedicated to making you a better guitar player!

Providing the What, How, and Why, master guitarist and teacher Shawn Persinger shows you how to become a better guitar player and how to get the most out of the best guitar books. Featuring more than 100 amazing  guitar lessons – in all styles – that will provide beginner, intermediate, and advanced players with a lifetime of knowledge, insight, and inspiration.

Includes contributions from legendary guitar players and educators: Rik Emmett, Henry Kaiser, Steve Kaufman, Wolf Marshall, Tim Sparks, and many more.

More than 100 guitar lessons: Chord Voicings, Arpeggios, Two-Handed Tapping, Fingerpicking, Slide Guitar, Walking Bass Lines, Improvisation, and much more.

Featuring all styles: Rock, Blues, Classical, Jazz, Funk, Metal, World, Ragtime, Flamenco, Bluegrass, Gypsy Jazz, Pop, Latin, Fingerpicking, Country, Fusion, Texas Swing, and more.

The mp3s that accompany the book’s lessons are available in a single zip file. These are free, no codes or emails necessary. Click here to: Download Audio Examples. All examples are performed by Shawn Persinger.

(Please note: Your download will start immediately. There are 104 mp3s, the zip file is approximately 120MB, and it will take 4-6 minutes depending on your internet speed. In your media player, sort the mp3s by “name” for them to line up in order. If you experience any trouble with the download please contact: presterjohnmusic(at)

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