Advice, practice tips, and hundreds of stylized guitar lessons. 

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Dedicated to making you a better guitar player!

Providing the What, How, and Why, master guitarist and teacher Shawn Persinger shows you how to become a better guitar player and how to get the most out of the best guitar books. Featuring more than 100 amazing  guitar lessons – in all styles – that will provide beginner, intermediate, and advanced players with a lifetime of knowledge, insight, and inspiration.

Includes contributions from legendary guitar players and educators: Rik Emmett, Henry Kaiser, Steve Kaufman, Wolf Marshall, Tim Sparks, and many more.

More than 100 guitar lessons: Chord Voicings, Arpeggios, Two-Handed Tapping, Fingerpicking, Slide Guitar, Walking Bass Lines, Improvisation, and much more.

Featuring all styles: Rock, Blues, Classical, Jazz, Funk, Metal, World, Ragtime, Flamenco, Bluegrass, Gypsy Jazz, Pop, Latin, Fingerpicking, Country, Fusion, Texas Swing, and more.

The mp3s that accompany the book’s lessons are available in a single zip file. These are free, no codes or emails necessary. Click here to: Download Audio Examples. All examples are performed by Shawn Persinger.

(Please note: Your download will start immediately. There are 104 mp3s, the zip file is approximately 120MB, and it will take 4-6 minutes depending on your internet service. If you experience any trouble with the download please contact: presterjohnmusic(at) In iTunes sort the mp3s by “name” for them to line up in order.)

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